ONLINE COURSE: Starting Your Business in Mexico


Starting Your Business in Mexico

Starting Your Business in Mexico

Online Course

If you'd like to start a business in Mexico, you need to take this course first!

Online Course Syllabus

Once you live in Mexico, many opportunities will start to present themselves. That includes especially work opportunities, including the opportunity to start your own business in Mexico.

Our online course Starting Your Business in Mexico will explain how to employ your talents to make a comfortable lifestyle in Mexico. You’ll learn how to interact with Mexican business and how to start your own profitable business. You’ll need to be prepared in order to start your business in Mexico, and this online course will get you up to speed much faster than figuring it all out for yourself.

Syllabus for Starting Your Business in Mexico

What you will learn if you take this online course Starting Your Business in Mexico:

  • Class 1: Do you have to be a resident to own a business in Mexico?
  • Class 2: Do you have to set up a corporation/company to own a business in Mexico?
  • Class 3: How to get an RFC (Mexican tax ID number)
  • Class 4: The difference between “persona moral” and “persona física” and their different types
  • Class 5: How to do a correct tax setup to own a business without having a corporation
  • Class 6: How to set up a corporation and all the paperwork you should know
  • Class 7: How to hire foreigners (including yourself)
  • Class 8: Types of taxes in Mexico
  • Class 9: Your obligations to the taxes office, including tax payment schedules

Disclaimer: The course is under construction, and the final topics may vary somewhat from the above syllabus topics.

We will have a special price for those who join our waiting list. Or, if you can’t wait to get information and assistance on any of these topics, please book a paid 40-min consultation session during which our specialist will summarize all this information for you!

The types of services we provide for those with a Mexico residency card are summarized on the Services for Mexico Residents page.