Services for Mexico Residents​

Services for Mexico Residents


For Mexican Residents

Scroll down for more information about our services for those with Mexico residency. If you are a nonresident seeking residency, click here to learn how to obtain residency in Mexico fast, easy, and legally.


Notification of change

If your address, citizenship, name, marriage status or employer have changed since you applied to get your card, you’re obligated to notify the immigration office. We can help you to do it quickly and without problems!

Temporary resident renewals

This must be filed before your expiration date, so you can extend your time within Mexico. We’ll eliminate the stress and help you to get the best outcome possible.


If your card expired, we can help you to not lose it!

Changing status from temporary to permanent residency

If you have been a temporary resident for nearly 4 years, you can apply to get permanent residency. Or if you’re married to a Mexican national.

Work permits

After you qualify for temporary residency, you can apply for a work permit if you decide to work within Mexico. We’ll help you with each step along the way!

Naturalization (to get Mexican citizenship)

Once you have been a resident for about 5 years, and you know Spanish and Mexican culture, you can apply to get Mexican passport!

Employer permit

If you would like to employ foreigners in your business this is necessary. You could even sponsor some if you have the right requirements!

Authentication of documents (apostilles and legalizations)

If you have a legal document from the USA or Canada, and you need it authenticated for use in Mexico.

Certified translations

To use your foreign documents you will also need them to be translated by a special translator. We can get it done for you!


Notary’s proceedings

Obtaining power of attorney, incorporation of companies, preparation of wills, procedures for buying and selling real estate, etc.

Real estate

We can help you get your dream home, from finding the right property to finishing all the the paperwork.

Trust funds to purchase property in Mexico’s restricted zone

We set up trust funds to purchase property in Mexico’s restricted zone.

Civil registration proceedings

Registration of birth, marriage, etc.

Common-law marriage certificates

We help with common-law marriage certificates.

Obtaining seniors card (INAPAM)

When you’re 60+ years old, you can apply for the seniors card that gives you a lot of discounts (especially useful for property taxes).

Motor Vehicle paperwork

Extension of Temporary Importation Permits, getting plates for a Mexican car, getting plates for a foreign car, driver’s licenses, etc.

Insurance policies

Healthcare, cars, homes, etc.

Taxes office proceedings

Appointments to get RFC or FIEL (electronic signature).

Bank account openings

We’ll help you get a bank account in Mexico.