ONLINE COURSE: How To Get Your Mexico Resident Visa


How To Get Your Mexico Resident Visa

How To Get Your Mexico Resident Visa

Online Course

Welcome to our Mexico Resident Visa course. Check the syllabus and learn how to get your resident visa fast.

Online Course Syllabus

After completing our How To Get Your Mexico Resident Visa Online Course, you literally will know all the possible options you have to become a resident. The you’ll be able to decide confidently which way you want to go about getting your residency in Mexico. Also, you get a full refund of what you pay for this course if hire one of our complete services. It’s a limited time offer during 2023!

You may purchase the How To Get Your Mexico Resident Visa Online Course for 2 weeks of access or 3 months of access. Our Enhanced Course option includes our expert document review to check if you meet the requirements to get a Mexico resident visa, plus you’ll get the info summarized in pdfs that you can keep. With the information in this course, plus our expert review of your documents, you’ll understand exactly how to have the best odds of getting your Mexico resident visa, in a lot less time than you might think.

Welcome Class

About Us

  • Welcome to our course How To Get Your Mexico Resident Visa. We are experienced immigration professionals helping people just like you live their dream lives in Mexico.

Class 1

Introduction to the Immigration Process in Mexico

  • Overview of the Mexico resident visa process

  • Immigration documents used in Mexico: VISA, FMM and RESIDENCY CARDS

  • Applying in a third country (neither Mexico nor your home country)

Class 2

Authentication of Documents

  • Get the basic knowledge you need regarding using your personal documents abroad. We’ll discuss apostilles and legalizations.

Class 3

Types of Residencies in Mexico and Their Benefits

  • Comparing Temporary vs Permanent residency: Differences when applying and benefits

  • The population code (CURP) – How you get it and what is useful for

  • The tax ID code (RFC) and taxation criteria for residents of Mexico

Class 4

Healthcare Insurance Options for Residents in Mexico

  • INSABI: Public system

  • IMSS

  • Private insurance options (with real quotation examples)

Class 5

Consulate Interview

  • Booking your consulate appointment

  • Consular interview

  • Useful tips on how to behave during the interview

Class 5.1

Requirements for Economic Solvency: Employees, Self-employed, Pensioners, Investors, Property owners

  • We discuss different types of applications based on having sufficient income, bank account balances, or investments to qualify

  • You will know the types of investments accepted by the Mexican government

  • Depending if you’re an employee, self-employed, a pensioner, an investor, or a property owner (in Mexico), you will get to know the challenges you will face and what’s best to bring to your appointment, depending on your situation

Class 5.2

Requirements for Family Bond Assumption

  • You will learn about the options you have if you are the parent or spouse of either a Mexican citizen or a Mexican resident

Class 5.3

About Working, Volunteering and Studying in Mexico

  • Explore the options to work in Mexico: what you should know if you got a legit job offer in Mexico

  • How to Volunteer in Mexico and get temporary residency at same time

  • How to continue your studies in Mexico so you can get residency

Class 6

What If I Don’t Qualify Now?

  • General strategies to apply soon (within a year from today)

  • Use what you’ve learned in previous lessons, so you can make your plan to apply as soon as possible

Class 7

I Got My Visa! What's Next?

  • Dos and don’ts for traveling to Mexico with your residency visa

  • New travel procedures when entering Mexico: some advice

  • How to enter Mexico once you have been granted a residency visa

  • How to enter Mexico without a residency visa (as a tourist)